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Meet the Miss World Croatia 2019 finalists

2019 Miss Croatia finalists (Photo: Boris Mataković)

26 August 2019 – In recent weeks, all eyes have been on the attractive finalists for the 2019 Miss Croatia pageant. Day by day the interest is growing as one of these beauties will represent Croatia at the most prestigious beauty pageant of all – Miss World. 

Final preparations for the final evening, which is being held this Saturday, 31 August in Mali Lošinj, are underway, and in the break from the preparations, the finalists have revealed some of their secrets. Some of the stories will make you laugh, while others may cause you to shed a tear. 

Miss World Croatia 2019 finalists (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Finalist Helena Ćatić is from Hrvatska Kostajnica. Although she is just 17 years of age, the Miss Sisak-Moslavina County is an experienced tractor driver. 

“I’m not a pro, but I’m am alright on the fields,” Helena says with a smile. Although she almost never takes the smile off her face, the memory of her parents’ war times, brings her to tears. “There are now only tall bushes around their demolished homes. I don’t often talk to my parents about it, I don’t even like to mention the war because I always remember my mother’s stories of grenades flying over her head on her way to school,” Helena says. 

Helena Ćatić (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Miss Zagreb, Maria Rogić, recalls a close encounter with a bear as the scariest moment in her life. “I went out to throw trash In the morning with my grandmother in the countryside and saw a bear walking by our house, it was about ten meters away from me,” Maria remembers.

Maria Rogić (Photo: Boris Mataković)

The life of finalist Gloria Mudrovčić was unfortunately marked by a great tragedy. The untimely loss of her mother left a mark on the student from Otočac who, because of the lack of her mother’s support, learned to walk on her own through life. She has managed to cope excellent in her day to to day life and would also be at home if she found herself in the middle of a dessert without a signal on her cell phone as she a keen fan on Bear Grylls and watches his documentaries daily with her brother.

(Photo: Boris Mataković)

Being out of touch with civilisation would also suit Miss Zadar County representative, Iva Mijolović. The middle of nowhere, She points out, would be good for her because she would finally be able to take a rest from everything, and who knows, she says she might find her Tarzan in the woods.

Iva Mijolović (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Lara Brkić from the island of Korčula is already being called the most dangerous finalist. The 18-year-old student does kickboxing in her free time, and she also boasts skills that would embarrass many men.”There’s nothing I can’t fix. I love assembling furniture, I have no problem with screws or drills, let alone light bulbs,” says Lara, who is planning soon to start driving a motorbike. 

Lara Brkić (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Another one confident with tools in her hands is Miss Požega-Slavonia County, Mateja Bilješković. Although she does not study technical sciences but education, Mateja is also handy at fixing cars.

Less capable with tools and household jobs is Vanja Beronja. The 24-year-old from Vukovar knows how to change a lightbulb and hammer in a nail but leaves everything else to others, just like Slavonian Tea Pavičić and Sara Silajdi from Vrbovec. 

Vanja Beronja (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Tea Pavičić (Photo: Boris Mataković)

On the other hand, Miss Zadar County Tina Ković and Miss Lika-Senj County Katarina Mamić are happy to let others do the ironing, which they say they don’t enjoy doing, just as Esmeraldi Slaviček from Međimurje is happy to let others dust because of the dust allergy she has.

Katarina Mamić (Photo: Boris Mataković)

One who does not have a problem with household chores, and languages for that matter, is Miss Šibenik-Knin County Estela Perkov, who also speaks English and Russian fluently.

Estela Perkov (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Rea Rebeca Plišić, from Rijeka representing Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, recalled a funny moment when a boy tried to get her attention. “I would like to single out a moment when a boy trying to pass me on a bicycle fell into the bushes while driving my sister on a bicycle.”

Rea Rebeca Plišić (Photo: Boris Mataković)

The new Miss Croatia will be crowned this weekend. 

Mateja Bilješković (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Tina Ković (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Esmeralda Slaviček (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Glorija Mudrovičić (Photo: Boris Mataković)

Sara Siladji (Photo: Boris Mataković)

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