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Meet ‘Pršut i Sir’ – Handmade Local Croatian Food Option in Zagreb


Unique Zagreb, which spots and promotes unique faces in Zagreb, introduces us to the people behind the Pršut i Sir shop in the capital, which specialises in handmade local Croatian food and gives small manufacturers a chance to show off their products…

Daria and Vitaly Beljakov may not be Croatians by nationality but their love to the country made them move from Ukraine and find in Croatia a new homeland. After 7 years of traveling around the country working in tourism and discovering the hidden gems of the Croatian local handmade and high quality food products they finally decided to settle in Zagreb and open their unique shop in the city center. The shop offers a variety of handmade local Croatian food, giving an opportunity for small manufacturers to show their products and connect with potential customers.

Every product in their shop has a story behind it and here are some of them.

The famous Pag cheese is from a small family manufacturer. This cheese can never be found in any supermarket, it’s being produced in a limited amount and strictly according to the traditional method. Also, Sveti Roko cheese which is produced from a mixture of cow and sheep milk from the mountains of Dalmatia.

Then comes several kinds of traditional Croatian smoked and cured meat delicacies, such as prshut (proschiutto), shokol, pechenica , panceta, etc. These delicacies are manufactured in the small town Vinjerac in North Dalmatia. All of them are being prepared in a very traditional way where one of the steps is drying under the cold north wind called bura from Velebit mountain.


A box of spices manufactured by a young  entrepreneur in Zagreb who decided to unify in one box the tastes and aromas of  Croatia, from Adriatic coast to Slavonia.

Wine is produced in a small place Polaca, in Dalmatia, at the region which is known as Ravni Kotari, some 15 km from the sea shore and the city Biograd-na-Moru. The manufacturer is agricultural cooperative “Olive and Wine”. They have settled a goal to revive the agriculture of the region and are very successful in the realization.

Rakija, original design and 8 classical incredible rakija tastes. The name Towar is translated as a donkey in a dalmatian dialect.

The Jam is produced in Zadar county (Dalmatia), both fig and quince jams have eco certificate, and are produced without added sugar, from ecologically grown fruits. what is unique about the fig jam is that it is produced from fresh figs, not dried as usual.


Mlinci and pasta are produced in Zagreb by a small manufacturer in a very traditional way, using all the natural ingredients and aromas: slavonian red paprika, boletus, cuttlefish, spinach.


And that’s not all you can check much more in their shop at Radićeva 31, or you can follow them on Facebook Pršut i Sir / The Cheese Shop & More

This article first appeared on Unique Zagreb

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