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Lufthansa significantly increasing flights to Croatia


ZAGREB, 25 June 2020 – Germany’s largest airline Lufthansa will significantly increase flights to Croatia in July, according to its recently published new schedule, Croatian Aviation reports. 

The airline already restarted flights to Dubrovnik, Split and Pula in June, but with a limited number of weekly flights and just from Frankfurt airport. 

Lufthansa will increase the number of weekly flights to its destination in Croatia, starting from the beginning of July. The airline will also announce new routes to Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Pula. 

Lufthansa is coming back to Zagreb

From July 1st Lufthansa will resume flights on the Munich – Zagreb route, three times per week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Croatia Airlines is already flying on the Munich – Zagreb route and Lufthansa has a code-share agreement on this route, as well as on the Frankfurt – Zagreb route.

Flights to Split

Lufthansa resumed flights from Frankfurt to Split in June, but with just one weekly flight. From July 3rd the airline will have three weekly flights on this route, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The airline will also introduce a Munich – Split service, from July 4th with four weekly flights, every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Dubrovnik will be connected with Frankfurt and Munich

Just like Split, Lufthansa also operates a Frankfurt – Dubrovnik service and flights will be increased from July 5th to two weekly operations, every Saturday and Sunday. 

Starting from July 1st, a Munich – Dubrovnik service will be introduced four times per week, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Lufthansa in Pula

The existing Frankfurt – Pula service will be increased to two flights per week, every Friday and Saturday, starting from July 3rd.

The airline will also resume the Munich – Pula service, once per week from July 5th.

Flights to Zadar 

The airline did not establish flights to Zadar yet, but that will change from July. 

From July 4th, a Frankfurt – Zadar service will be introduced with three weekly flights, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

From the same date, Munich – Zadar will resume, once per week, but from July 12th the second weekly flight will be added (every Saturday and Sunday).

The only Lufthansa route which is not in the service (and will not be in July) is the route between Munich and Rijeka. 

Lufthansa will use aircraft with different capacities on its routes to Croatia, from the smallest one, a CRJ900 which has a capacity of 90 passengers, to the biggest, an A321 with the capacity of 200 passengers.

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