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LATEST: Coronavirus cases in Croatia rise to 315, tighter restrictions on movement 

Vili Beros (Photo: HINA/ Lana SLIVAR DOMINIĆ)

ZAGREB, March 23 (Hina) – The number of new cases of COVID-19 infection in Croatia increased from 52 in the morning to 61 in the afternoon, bringing the total to 315, the National Civil Protection Authority said at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

“According to the latest information, we have nine new confirmed cases in Croatia, bringing the total to 315. A  total of 2757 tests have been conducted and we are still waiting for the results of 33 tests,” Health Minister Vili Beros said.

The condition of previously hospitalised patients has not deteriorated and at the moment five patients are on ventilators, he added.

Also, 15 specialists working in hospitals have been diagnosed with COVID19.

Beros said that an inspection had been conducted of the Daruvar spa after the media reported that a lot of people were gathered there, including elderly persons.

“There are no cases in the Daruvar spa, there are no positive cases and County Prefect Damir Bajs was absolutely justified in replacing the director of the spa after she allowed the hospitality facilities within the complex to remain open, which is in contravention of the recommendations issued by the national authority. Hence we consider that that decision was absolutely justified,” concluded Beros.

Heading towards tighter restrictions on movement

“We are heading toward stricter restrictions on movement, in that only those people that need to go to work will be able to move around so that life does not come to a complete stop. That does not mean all services but those that are essential and whose movement is absolutely necessary,” Interior Minister and head of the National Civil Protection Authority Davor Bozinovic said on Monday after a meeting of senior state officials..

He said that after the earthquakes that struck Zagreb on Sunday, more than 90 people have been accommodated in the Cvjetno Naselje student dorm, adding that there will be more people requiring require emergency accommodation. “It is essential that no one returns where it is not safe,” he said.

Bozinovic underlined that earthquakes “have their own logic of behaviour,” calling on citizens to focus on the coronavirus. “That’s our main enemy. Please respect all decisions by the Civil Protection Authority,” he stressed.

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