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Korean Exclusive Hostel in Downtown Zagreb

loveUp until a couple of years ago you could have counted the South Korean tourists in Croatia on your hand, but thanks to a popular Korean reality show shot in Croatia its popularity as a destination has risen dramatically, with over 350% growth in the number of arrivals…

The rise in tourists from the nation of 50 million plus people has led to the first ever exclusive Korean hostel to open up in Croatia’s capital. Situated in Mesnička street, Love Croatia Hostel has been designed especially for Koreans. The hostel, which has been opened for a while now, is owned by Croat Filip Oblak and his friend Seoung-Hoon Kim.

Koreans are renowned for travelling alone with hostels their prefered choice of accommodation. With more and more Koreans visiting Zagreb, the hostel is expected to have a busy year. Over 100,000 Koreans visited Croatia in the first half of the year last year and Love Croatia wants to make them feel like home when they are staying in Zagreb.


“Croatia has a lot that attracts Koreans – beautiful coral, sea, islands, culture and heritage. Koreans have only recently discovered this, thanks to a popular TV series which was filmed in Croatia,” Korea’s Ambassador to Croatia Hyung-Won said.

Love Croatia has close to 30 beds in 7 rooms and offers transfers to the airport as well as to the bus and train station. (Love Croatia Facebook)


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