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Istria Gourmet Festival opens in Rovinj

Istria Gourmet Festival 2018 opens today in Rovinj (Istria Gourmet Festival 2018)

The 2018 Istria Gourmet Festival, a two-day festival devoted to education with an emphasis on new trends in high-class hotels and world cuisines began today in Rovinj. 

On behalf of the host city, the mayor of Rovinj, Mr. Marko Paliaga, welcomed visitors before the festival was opened by the director of the Istria County Tourist Board, Denis Ivošević.

The festival opened today (Manuel Paljuh)

The 4th edition of Istria Gourmet Festival is being held at Hotel Lone from 29-30 October 2018 with three programmes hosted by chefs with 20 Michelin stars between them taking place on opening day. 

Stars Are Arriving to Istria is the title of the programme which gathers some of the world’s biggest names on the gastro scene. Famous chefs will conduct educational showcases and interesting educational lectures with two specialised masterclasses devoted to gourmet pizza and craft beers. 

A special addition to this year’s festival is the gala dinners by top chefs: at Hotel Lone chefs Matteo Mettulio, Giancarlo Morelli and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will introduce guests to the secrets of Amazonian cuisine, while at Wine Vault restaurant at Hotel Monte Mulini a gala dinner created by chef Roberto Cere will take place. 

(Photo: Manuel Paljuh)

Tomorrow the latest knowledge in the area of hotel operations as well as the importance of top restaurants in hotels and gourmet products with a special emphasis on wine will be presented.

The conference is organised by the Istrian Tourist Board in cooperation with the Croatian Tourist Board as the main partner and Maistra, the leading Croatian hotel company, as the festival’s co-organizer.

Istria County Tourist Board director Denis Ivošević (Photo: Manuel Paljuh)

More details on the website here. 

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