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Impressive Growth for H&M in Croatia

h&m zagrebCroatian women’s interest in clothing, coupled with their affordable prices, has helped popular clothing brand Hennes&Mauritz (H&M) return some impressive business results in Croatia in 2013…

H&M on a global level continued its impressive growth last year, growing by more than 6 percent. The fasting growing market for the Swedish multi-national was the USA and China, but shareholders will also be happy with the market in Croatia. H&M, who arrived in Croatia in 2011, recorded total revenues in 2013 of 619 million kuna (80 million EUR), up 18% from 2012 when revenue was 530 million kuna (69 million EUR).

Total revenues in 2013 hit 150.1 billion Swedish kruna, up from 141 million in 2012, and also saw 399 new stores open and 43 close. H&M currently have 3,132 stores in 53 countries.

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