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Impressive Čikat Bay Lighting Project Awarded in London

Čikat Bay Lighting Project

Čikat Bay Lighting Project

Another award for the Croatian lighting project, this time in London at the Darc Awards…

‘Meduza’ (Jellyfish), a marine lighting project in Čikat Bay on the northern Adriatic island of Lošinj, has been awarded the third prize at the prestigious international Darc Awards in London in the Best Landscape Lighting Scheme – High Budget category.

The specially designed lighting in the sea is located front of Lošinj’s Hotel Bellevue, in one of the most beautiful bays in Croatia. The design was made by award-winning lighting designer Dean Skira from Pula. Last year the project won first prize in the International Lighting Design Prize – Codega in Venice.

The darc awards is a unique concept utilising mondo*arc and darc magazines’ reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world.

“With our database of over 1,400 international lighting design practices (as well as interior designers and architects) and, in collaboration with creative consultants Light Collective, we have created a unique opportunity to get every practice involved in the awards process”, the awards website states.

Meduza is very unique and distinctive maritime lighting project and is connected connected to the main entrance of the hotel and dominates over coastal terrace as a visual highlight for the guests. The idea was to create a portal of light with 10m high, specially designed poles, inspired by pen shells.

These poles are connected with the main jellyfish hub with thin LED lines. Positioning and connecting was very challenging and technically demanding part of the project as the line is continuously integrated into the poles, floor and the steps, creating visual connection between luminous underwater streams physically ending in the jellyfish hub.


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