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If You’re Paying I’m Drinking

rakija_3So what are they drinking up in the Croatian parliament these days? A fair bit, according to data released by 24sata

From December 2011, when the current ruling government came into power, to October 2014, 8,369 litres of juice, 3,022 litres of beer, 2,191 litres of wine, 27,478 litres of mineral water, 625 litres of still water, 786 kilograms of coffee, 41 litres of pelinkovac liqueur, 27 litres of rakija and 324 litres of champagne have been sunk by members of parliament during parliament sessions, official lunches, meetings and seminars. In some cases the politicians purchased the drinks with their government credit card, and in other cases they paid with their own in cash.

The currently ruling SDP party say that the amount is considerable less than what previous governments polished off.

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