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How Croatian Innovation is Creating a Unique Hospitality Solution

RIXOS hotel Dubrovnik

How Croatian innovation merges different global technologies to create a unique hospitality solution.

Croatia is a very attractive, demanding and expanding country for hospitality investments with some extra large projects on the Adriatic coast and islands like Hvar already announced.

Hotel chains like Marriott, Four Seasons, Accor and RIXOS are just a few names out of many interested in expanding their business in Croatia.

Nowadays, guests demands and hotel operations workflow requires a lot of technology to be used, which in such a large constructions could be a big challenge.

How Croatian knowledge and experience help investors and project infrastructure designers to fulfill all needed today and future requirements, you can read the following story written by Miki Bratanić, hospitality consultant from Špica Sustavi, a Croatian IT company with regional and worldwide solution coverage.


Miki’s story:

It is very difficult to invent something new or different nowadays in the technology, design or any known solutions, and almost impossible to be unique even at the idea level. So having some new or unique idea or solution which is not invented or used worldwide is more than a challenge.

This is a reason because I am so proud and happy realising that my idea with a solution named ‘FULL IP SMART ROOM’, I am working on it for the last few months, is not listed or found on GOOGLE search which means that it is unique. Because as we know ‘If it is not on Google – It does not exist’.

What is ‘FULL IP SMART ROOM? It is a concept to connect all hotel room devices like IPTV, IP Phone, WiFi AP, Fix internet, and IP room controller to one switch (very often WiFi AP) which needs only ONE uplink cable to floor or core network for all listed devices. One cable per room.

Taking into consideration prices of optical networks today, there is even another level of making infrastructure more simple: using a GPON network. With GPON network room concept remain almost the same. All devices are connected to one switch, with optical passive network replacing copper cables, active Ethernet network components, and passive cooper floor cabinets components at all.

This is dramatical simplification not only for the hotel guest rooms infrastructure but for all other hotels spaces using the same or similar concept.

The aim is to share one network for few hotel room devices like IPTV, IP phone, and WiFi AP was invented and presented before, because WiFi APs with an integrated switch in one box is the perfect hubs for such idea for a long time. BUT, the idea of ‘FULL IP SMART ROOM’ has not been invented because of two simple reasons: There was no IP room controller integrated with smart hotel guest room door lock – There was no a person who will think how to interconnect all of this benefits.

With INTEREL IP smart room controller integrated via ZigBee or Bluetooth with smart electronic lock, the platform for this new revolutionary concept was born, and I just started to think.

So ‘FULL IP SMART ROOM’ means not only many networks thru one cable, but means ‘ON LINE NETWORK’ for hotels guests rooms access control with smart electronic locks. And many more, because as I explained there is a plenty of other services possible to integrate into the same infrastructure, like Time attendance, Asset tracking, Back of house access and monitor control, and finally Mobile Access; the crucial trigger for guest mobile application usage.

So, there is plenty of details to describe here, but, of course, I am not going to do that. If you are a project company, or hotel investor, planning to build new hotel infrastructure, interested in smart ideas and concepts, feel free to call.

Today is Friday, 01.12.2017. I am checking again on GOOGLE search: There is no ‘full IP smart room’ name listed.

Stay tuned.

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