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How Affordable is a Holiday on the Coast for the Average Croatian Family?

CroatiaWhilst prices have risen in Croatia over the last decade, spending a family holiday in Croatia is still relatively affordable for foreigners, but how expensive is the popular Adriatic coast for a holiday for locals who are earning the kuna and do not live near the coast ? RTL television investigated…

“It will cost us (family of 4) definitely around 2,500 euros for 10 days,” said Gabrijela Aldžić from the eastern town of Nova Gradiška, adding that whilst accommodation costs were similar to last year, food prices were up massively this year.

“What I have noticed is food is very expensive. Unbelievable. I have come often and I have never needed as much money as I have needed this year,” Aldžić said.

Unions in Croatia say that the Croatian sea has become unaffordable for locals who are not fortunate to have accommodation options on the coast.

“This is not just a problem of prices on the Adriatic coast, but also the problem of the incomes of Croatian citizens,” said the President of the Independent Trade Unions of Croatia Krešimir Sever.

The average monthly take-home salary in Croatia is around 700 euros, and considering around 70% earn less than that (around 500 euros), it is not difficult to work out how hard it is for a local tourist.

“A week staying at a 3-star hotel on the Adriatic coast for a family of four is at least 5,000 kuna (680 euros). Apartments are somewhat cheaper, but in peak season it is hard to find anything less than 50 euros a night,” said Sever.

Despite all of that, local tourist numbers were up this year. In the first 6 months of the year 587,000 locals visited tourist spots in Croatia – 3% more than last year.

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