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Homage to the Croatian water polo cap in the FIFA Football Museum

(Photo: HNS)

Most visitors will be confused as to what a water polo cap is doing in a football museum, but there is a story behind it. 

The water polo cap has become popular Croatian football fan attire since fans started to pay tribute to defender Vedran Ćorluka after he made history when he became the first player to wear a water polo hat during a match.

After having his head cracked open from a challenge in Croatia’s opening match against Turkey at EURO 2016, Ćorluka surprised everyone when he donned a water polo cap after the wound kept opening up during the match against the Czech Republic.

Vedran Ćorluka creating history in the water polo cap at EURO 2016 (Photo: HNS)

At the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, FIFA Museum Director Marco Fazzone became fascinated with the Croatian fans’ headwear during the nation’s great run.

This led to him to a meeting with Croatian fan Tomislav Rozic to find out about the cap. Tomislav releaved all.

“The cap is a symbol for strength and determination of never giving up and is a unique feature for any Croatian sports fan. Marco asked me why we wear the water polo caps and how he can get the cap for exhibition at the museum.” Tomislav said, saying he would give him the cap after the World Cup final if he would be invited to the museum.

They both kept their word and Tomislav and his friend visited the museum where his cap is now exhibited.

Check out the video of the story from FIFA TV here.

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