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Highest Rate of Organ Donors in the EU in Croatia

CroatiaCroatia is the European Union’s biggest organ donors per million population, whilst it also leads the way with the highest rate of kidney and liver transplants…

According to data from Eurotransplant for 2013, the rate of organ donors per million population in Croatia was 32, ahead of countries such as Belgium (29), Austria (22.9), Slovenia (22.4), Holland (15.1), Germany (12.5) and Luxembourg (7.6). Croatian citizens between the ages of 49 and 57 were the most common donors.

The Ministry of Health says that Croatia is the European Union leader as result of a successful organisational model for organ donation, dedication and enthusiasm of health professionals and high transplant awareness among its citizens who are increasingly deciding to donate organs. Last year in Europe the most common transplants were kidney (208), liver (115), heart (33) and pancreas (7), with Croatia performing the highest rate of rate of kidney and liver transplants.

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