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Highest Annual Salary in Croatia Revealed

CroatiaWhilst the majority of workers in Croatia battle away for the average wage in the country, just over 700 euros a month, and those are the lucky ones whose bosses pay up on time, there are others who are earning the average Croatian salary for just one hours work, as the tax departments list of top 20 salary earners for 2013 revealed…

According to the tax department, the highest individual salary received in 2013 by an employee which was declared was 4.04 million kuna (520,000 EUR). The identity of the Croatia’s highest earner which was not self-employed or a company owner was not revealed, nor the generous company they worked for, but it was known only that he was based in the capital Zagreb. The amount was not a record for a Croatian worker, last year the top salary earning person in the country declared 5.8 million kuna (700,000 EUR), which was a record.

Top 5 Income Earners In Croatia (employees) in kuna – 1 kuna = 0.13EUR
1. 4,045.298
2. 3,673.871
3. 3,599.156
4. 3,386.515
5. 3,094.697

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