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Helping Young ‘Brave Heart’ Luca Get to the United States

Luca Seneta

14-year-old Luca Seneta is the first child in Croatia to suffer from the rare non-smoking malignant lung cancer Pleural Mesothelioma.

Luca is undergoing therapy in Zagreb and if it is not effective she needs to go the National Cancer Institute in Maryland USA for treatment. Costs of the treatment and accommodation for the Seneta family in America would be covered but other medical bills and travel expenses need to be met so a fundraising campaign has been launched in Croatia.

Luca Seneta

Two Croatian sisters living in the United States have decided to help out once again. Marija Curic and her twin sister Ivana are behind the fashion label Curic&Curic and they have designed a t-shirt which they are selling and donating all the proceeds to help pay Luca’s medical expenses.

Curic sisters

“The Brave Heart shirt was created by Marija Curic who wanted to create something that will paint “teenager’s hope to recover” therefore she painted “Brave Heart” and in the middle she put powerful Luca’s slogan “Ja sam zdrava” which means “I am healthy”. On the sides of the T-shirt there is a hashtag #zalucu (#forluca) and #tmblwd ( honoring our late friend Matthew Cameron, Tajci’s husband),” Co-Founder Ivana Curic said.

Brave Heart t-shirt

The Curic sisters hope that people will unite to help Luca and give her a chance to fly to the USA to continue her treatment.

Curic says that this is only the second fundraiser organized by Curic&Curic after they helped Matthew Cameron, but hopes to help many more stricken by this horrible illness.

You can purchase the t-shirts here or visit the GoFundMe page here.

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