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Help For Tourism Businesses As Government Announce €400M Investment

Croatia’s Minister of Tourism Veljko Ostojic has announced that 3 billion kuna (400 million euros) will be invested into tourism this year, almost double the amount than in 2012.

“This year there will be between 2.6 – 3 billion kuna invested into tourism, which is almost twice as much than what was invested last year when 1.6 billion kuna (195 million euros) was invested,” said Ostojic to reporters in Split during the government’s stimulation roadshow “ProInvest”.

Ostojic says that a bulk of that investment (around 2 billion kuna) will come from private investments. The Minister also announced that in the next two weeks a new ‘credit line’ facility for small and medium-sized businesses in the tourism sector will be introduced, a programme the Ministry of Tourism has been working in partnership with the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Ministry of Enterprise.

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