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Halal Tourism On The Rise

Croatia needs to up its Halal offerings if it wants to cash in on the lucrative Arabian money says one Halal restaurant owner in Croatia. Recently there has been an influx of tourists from that part of the world, but only 7 hotels on Croatia’s spectacular coast have a Halal certificate.

“Sultans, Sheiks and Arab Princes love the Adriatic. Massive yachts owned by rich Arabs are becoming more frequent on Croatia’s coast, where apart from sun and the sea, there is not much to offer them. These are tourists who are extremely wealthy, who don’t ask how much something is,” said Aldin Dugonjic, who runs the centre for Halal certification in Croatia.

A Halal certification seminar has been organised in Rijeka for restaurant and hotel owners, and there is a lot of interest, reports Dnevnik.hr.

Halal tourism has huge potential, especially in pre and post season and the Tourism Management faculty in Croatia is considering starting a programme dealing with Halal and Kosher food.

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