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GoT’s Iron Throne, Knights & Dragons in the Heart of Zagreb


The Iron Throne, knights and dragons flying in the heart of Zagreb. Ribnjak, the park in the very center of Zagreb, opens the door to the world of fantasy and medieval for one unforgettable day…

Zagreb, 20th April 2016 – ZmaJurjevo brings to Zagreb the Iron Throne from the cult HBO series Game of Thrones, only two days before the premiere of the new, sixth season. Fans of the series and visitors of ZmaJurjevo will also get a chance to step into a fantasy world of Westeros, lean back in the Throne and win attractive prizes. Along with the replica of the Iron Throne, visitors can expect an exciting encounter with a flying dragon which will fly above the venue in the technique of 3D mapping, fighting knights, as well as a rich cultural, entertainment and educational program for all ages.

ZmaJurjevo will be held on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016. at a new location – in the Zagreb park Ribnjak. It is an all-day event which will make history come alive for one day and turn this frequent park in a medieval village and bring closer the world of Game of Thrones and the legend of King Arthur to the citizens of Zagreb and their guests.

Original throne from Game of Thrones will be there

Original iron throne from Game of Thrones will be there

Visitors will also be able to walk through the village in medieval style and find themselves in interesting situations typical for that time. In addition, they will be able to refresh in a medieval tavern with craft beers and specialties prepared according to traditional recipes, take a look at thematic exhibition in the Ribnjak Youth Centre , hear more about medieval tools and old crafts and have a good time participating in the archery tournament, the javelin to throw competition, tug and games like horseshoe pitching and sack racing.

The evening hours are reserved for a spectacle of lights and live performances- a play about the dragon-slaying tale, the legend of St. George and the Dragon performed by the Order of the Guardians of the city of Zagreb accompanied by the vocal ensemble for early music Minstrel and light effects. The visitors can also expect a projection of a flying dragon and symbolic burning bonfire in the unique setting of the Ribnjak park.


For the youngest ZmaJurjevo brings interesting features such as workshops of calligraphy, heraldry and wooden shields workmanship, acrobatic workshops, archery tournament, fairy tales readings and occasional games, including the search for dragon eggs, horseshoe pitching, potato carrying and sack races.

ZmaJurjevo is inspired by the legend of St. George and the dragon and organized by the Order of the Guardians of the city of Zagreb, the Maksimir Centre for Culture and information and the“Ribnjak” Youth Centre. The partners of the event are HBO Adria, Parkour media, Wolf design and Algoritam.

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