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Google Year in Search 2015 – How Croatia Googled this Year


For the past 15 years Google has been presenting the findings of the countless things people all over the world punch into Google’s search box in its ‘Google Year in Search’ report…

The terrorist attacks in Paris, with a massive 897 million searches, topped the global list of the most searched events over the last 12 months. The new Star Wars movie, the Oscars, and the Football World Cup were also popular search terms around the world.

So how did Croats google in 2015? Here are the most popular searches…

Most searched person in Croatia
1. Tina Katanić
2. Tomislav Salopek
3. Kolinda Grabar Kitarović
4. Kemal Monteno
5. Arsen Dedić

Most searched TV show in Croatia
1. Big Brother
2. Farm
3. The Voice
4. X Factor Adria
5. Kud puklo da puklo

Most searched event in 2015
1. Croatian elections 2015
2. Eurobasket 2015
3. Easter 2015
4. Wimbledon 2015
5. Špancirfest 2015

Most searched ‘where is…’
1. Where did Nikola Tesla die
2. Where is Santa Claus
3. Where was the film Maršal shot
4. Where is Qatar
5. Where is Putin

Most searched ‘how to…’
1. How to vote at the elections
2. How to make ‘ljigavca’
3. How to make hair grow faster
4. How to reduce size of stomach
5. How to reduce a temperature

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