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Good news for little Mila getting life-saving treatment in America

Mila Rončević (Photo: Private album/Index)

23 April 2019 – There has been some great news today from America where little Mila Rončević is receiving life-saving treatment. 

Mila, from Rijeka in Croatia, has been fighting leukaemia (acute myelogenous megakaryocytic leukaemia AML M7) for the last year. A massive fundraising campaign in Croatia and abroad helped raise $5.6 million to get her to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for urgent treatment.

Mila has been at the hospital since 3 April and her father has shared the results of the first part of her treatment. 

“MRD (Minimal residual disease), the percentage of leukaemia cells in bone marrow during treatment, is less than 0.1% for her (it is scaled so maybe it is 0.0 or maybe 0.99%). What is important is that not even in the wildest dreams did anyone expect this type of reaction to the treatment. That is the prayers and love of hundreds of thousands of people who stand by the side of the best children’s doctors.

Before she went for treatment, her MRD was 88%, then it was 50% and now just 0.1%. Milia’s condition, as we see, is getting better and what follows next is a bone marrow transplant.

This is better than any prognosis, something real, but a lot still awaits us. Transplantation is dangerous and the disease in the next five years can found some way but this is beyond all expectations and is a great result after only half of the first cycle. Mila looks super and her condition is great”, her father Marin told 24sata

Marin also posted a message on Facebook. 

“Dear all, so I do not write to everyone individually because it will take about ten days – we got the first feedback after starting the therapy. The results could not be better than they are, and Mila feels great … thank God and all who pray and think about her and who have enabled Mila to take this opportunity.”

Last Tuesday, Mila celebrated her 2nd birthday at the hospital.

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