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Former Croatian Tennis Star Mario Ančić Gets Doctorate & Job on Wall Street

maFormer Croatian tennis star and world number 7, Mario Ančić, has just been awarded his doctorate from the prestigious Colombia University in New York…

Ančić, or Mario Ančić J.D (Juris Doctor / Doctor of Law) as he is now officially known, began to study law whilst still playing professional tennis. When injuries cut his career short he started to take his studies more seriously, graduating from Split’s Law school in 2008.

The Olympic Games bronze medalist then took up a scholarship at Harvard Law School soon after, before moving to and graduating from Colombia University in 2013, a university whose former students include five Founding Fathers of the United States; nine Justices of the United States Supreme Court; 43 Nobel Prize laureates; 20 living billionaires; 29 Academy Award winners; and three United States Presidents.

Mario in his playing days

Mario in his playing days

The Davis Cup winner, who also reached the quarterfinals of Wimbledon and the French Open in 2006, has built up an expertise in comparative law and sports law. His LL.M. writing project focused on how sports-related violence is dealt with in America, as compared to how it is addressed in other countries.

Ančić wont be returning to Croatia anytime soon. The 31-year-old will start work at global financial services company Credit Suisse next month in New York.

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