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Foreign direct investments in Croatia reach 5-year high

ZAGREB, June 3 (Hina) – In 2019, foreign direct investments in Croatia totalled €1.24 billion, up 19% on the year, and that was the highest annual amount of FDI since 2014.

The highest amount (€286 million) came from Luxembourg, followed by Austria (€257M), Slovenia (€140.8M) and Germany (€135M).

A major outflow was generated with Switzerland (€157.8M).

From 1993 through 2019, Croatia received €31.8 billion in FDI. In that period, banking accounted for over 22% of FDI, followed by investments in wholesale (9.3%) and real estate transactions (6.9%).

Last year saw a major annual increase in direct ownership investments in real estate and manufacturing, notably the car and food industries.

Raiffeisen Bank analysts say a major problem Croatia continues to face and which obstructs FDI is an unfavourable business climate.

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