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The 10 companies with the most employees in Croatia

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Based on data from Croatian financial agency Fina, tportal.hr have compiled a list of the 10 companies with the most employees in Croatia.

Supermarket giant Konzum led he pack, employing around 10,800 workers last year. With a turnover of €1.88 billion last year, the company is by far the strongest player in the retail market.

Konzum is part of the Fortenova Group, which encompasses 22 companies. The group employs over 20,000 people in Croatia alone.

Konzum supermarket in Croatia

Konzum (Photo: Macic7/CC BY-SA 3.0)

The second-largest employer in the country is the state-owned company HP – Croatian Post, with 9,089 employees. Their salaries increased by more than 12% last year, reaching €1,038. In recent years, HP has faced high employee turnover.

To address the staff shortage, new employees are being hired regularly, resulting in frequent recruitment drives seeking dozens of postal workers across the country.

In third place is another public enterprise – Hrvatske šume. This state-owned company, which manages the nation’s forestry resources, had 7,977 employees at the end of last year. Their average net salary was €1,132, an increase of about 12% compared to 2022.

The fourth-largest employer is the state-owned HEP – Operator of the Distribution System (HEP ODS). This company, part of the HEP group, is responsible for the operation, maintenance, construction, and development of the distribution network.

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(Photo: Croatian Post)

HEP-ODS oversees 21 distribution areas (electrical grids) throughout Croatia. Last year, the company employed 6,804 workers, with an average net salary of €1,170, tportal.hr reported.

Supermarket chain Studenac, with 5,372 employees, is the fifth-largest employer. It is the fastest-growing retail chain, with its revenue increasing by nearly 60% last year to €659 million.

Alongside organic growth, Studenac continued acquiring smaller retail chains, significantly increasing its workforce. The average salary rose to €993.

HŽ Infrastruktura, the company that organises and regulates railway traffic and also maintains and builds railways, ranks sixth. This state-owned company had 5,029 employees last year, with an average net salary of €1,113.

Train Croatia

(Photo; Frank Paukstat/CC)

In seventh and eighth place among the top 10 employers are supermarket chain Spar with 4,897 employees and city-owned company Zagrebački Holding with 4,806 employees.

Last year, the retail chain paid its workers an average of €976, while the Zagrebački Holding offered a significantly higher average salary of €1,311.

The last two positions are held by two large retailers – Plodine from Rijeka with 4,751 employees and Tommy from Split with 4,311 employees.

The average salaries at these companies increased to €970 and €902, respectively.

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