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Floating Centre Croatian Tourism Game Changer

CroatiaFormer Croatian government Minister and businessman Davor Stern says that his 170 metre, 50 million euros floating centre will be a game changer for Croatian tourism…

Stern, who has been working on the ‘Periska‘ project with architect Ante Zloić, is convinced his futuristic floating congress would be one of the biggest attractions in this part of the world.

“Imagine New Year’s Eve from Sydney, which cameras film and send the pictures all over the world. The spectacular fireworks over the Sydney Opera house. And everyone knows this piece of architecture. Now, imagine fireworks over this boat in the Rijeka port. Priceless. We would have free advertising all over the world every year. After this who wouldn’t come to Croatia,” Stern told daily Jutarnji list as he revealed his 50 million euro project.

‘Periska’ would be a floating congress centre, with a seating capacity of 4,000 people, which could float from town to town along the whole Adriatic coast. Periska would have five levels, including a promenade, lounge bar, restaurants, wellness and fitness centre, night club, casino. The whole centre could hold around 15,000 people at a time.

The congress centre could be turned into an arena for tennis or handball matches, and also concerts, and Stern says the options are huge.

“Periska is something which will become recognisable in the whole world, something which would become a Croatian brand. It will extend the tourist season in Croatia because it can work all year,” said Stern, who says that they will apply to the EU to fund 80% of the project. (pics: Jutarnji list)

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