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Five of the Best Cruise Destinations in the Mediterranean

Dubrovnik (image by Twang_Dunga under Creative Commons license)

Dubrovnik (image by Twang_Dunga under Creative Commons license)

The Mediterranean is a popular travel destination, and it has so much to offer people on cruises in the region. So, when it comes to stops on your cruise itinerary, where should you stop? Here is a quick guide to some of the most beautiful, most different and most memorable places to visit in the Mediterranean.


Famous for its cuisine, culture, architecture, and of course, its renowned football club, FC Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital city is an absolute treat for every traveller.

A real jewel in the Mediterranean’s crown, Barcelona.

Barcelona (Image by Jorge Franganillo)

Barcelona (Image by Jorge Franganillo under Creative Commons license)


France’s second oldest city, after Paris, and this great port city, and former European Capital Culture has a lot for the modern traveller to enjoy.

Travel on the new tram system, visit The Stade Vélodrome soccer stadium, where a lot of events take place, and head to the Panier district, the place where Marseille truly began, for a history lesson.

Marseille (image by Thomas Steiner)

Marseille (image by Thomas Steiner)


Located to the west of Italy, the French island of Corsica is one of the Mediterranean’s best-kept secrets.

Known as ‘The Isle of Beauty’ Henry Matisse was inspired by the contrasts of the atoll, from the beaches near Porto-Veccio, to the more isolated northern fishing communities. These days, it’s a prime shopping and dining destination.

Corsica (image by JeanbaptisteM)

Corsica (image by JeanbaptisteM)


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik is enjoying an ongoing renaissance as one of Croatia’s must-see cities.

The pedestrian-only Old Town is a terrific place to start, with its arched gates, known as Pile and Ploče and main street Stradun, taking tourists up winding alleys and side streets to exceptional cafes, shops and restaurants.

Dubrovnik (image by Twang_Dunga)

Dubrovnik (image by Twang_Dunga under Creative Commons license)


Montenegro’s is a picturesque historical town on the coast is and is known for its Stari Grad (old town), which dates back to medieval times, and is home to some of its most famous landmarks. The old town is said to be the best preserved medieval urban entity in the entire Mediterranean.

Enter the old town through the Sea Gate of 1555, and visit the Triphon Cathedral, the main square (Trg od oruzja) and Napoleon’s Theatre.

Kotor (image by Ggia)

Kotor (image by Ggia)

Mediterranean cruises will introduce you to some of the highlights of the region. Not only do they offer you a taste of some of the best cities out there, they also let you see parts of the world that you might not normally see on a standard holiday. If you’ve been to the Mediterranean, where would you recommend?

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