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Five Croatian companies recognised for economic empowerment of women

Odvažna 2020 winners

ZAGREB, 1 August 2020 – Five companies in Croatia have been selected as winners in Odvažna 2020, a competition which recognises the economic empowerment of women. 

SpeakCro – Croatian online language school, Organica vita, Primitivance, Fabijanović, and Održivo društvo were the winners selected from 138 applicants in the competition.   

Odvažna 2020 winners, left to right – Maja Lazić -Organica vita, Simona Fabijanović – Fabijanović, Mateja Horvat – SpeakCro, Slavica Miličić – Održivo društvo and Marija Tadić – Primitivance

Odvažna, a project for economic empowerment of women, was established by the IKEA company in cooperation with the Foundation Solidarna and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, with expert support from the ACT Group and Apsolon, Erste Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Gender equality office. 

“We feel very honoured to be recognised as a company that is being fair and responsible in this competitive market where nurturing these positive values is not always easy,” said Mateja Horvat from SpeakCro.

Since 2011, SpeakCro has been providing individual online Croatian lessons for people all over the globe. 

“We are four teachers and for us, this is not only a job but a passion. We have so many amazing stores with our students. For example, A delightful young girl from California started to learn Croatian with us after her father died so that she could speak with her grandmother who lives in Blato on the island of Korčula. At 23 years of age, for the first time in her life, she was able to have a conversation with her grandmother. It is a truly amazing feeling to be a part of a story like that. We are very involved in this kind of life journey of our students, and along the way so many beautiful friendships emerge,” Horvat adds.

Mateja Horvat from SpeakCro

Horvat says the award is a strong motivator to continue nurturing fair and empowering relationships with teachers, partners, and students. 

“It’s an amazing feeling to see something that seemed like a utopian dream become a reality.”

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