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First palm tree on Split waterfront planted exactly 100 years ago


SPLIT, 8 August 2020 – The waterfronts, or Rivas as they are commonly known, of coastal towns and cities in Croatia, were regularly planted with mulberries until the 1920s. 

Mulberries grew quickly and in summer they provided pleasant shade to the lush canopy, and in winter, bare and pruned, they provided light and warmth.

Split in 1910 without the palm trees (Photograph from E. Hébrard and J. Zeiller, Spalato, le Palais de Dioclétien, Paris, 1912/Public domain/CC)

But as tourism developed, palm trees began to be planted, writes HRT.

The first palm tree was planted on Split’s Riva exactly 100 years ago. Today there are exactly 105. In 1930, 84 palm trees were counted on the Split waterfront, which was planted in several stages.

Split’s palm trees 

They wanted to get a southern Mediterranean flair, so they planted palm trees, in 1910 the first palm trees were ordered from Vis, said architect and art historian Stanko Piplović.

One of the two autochthonous European species, which are rare today, was among the first to be planted on the Split Riva.


On the Split waterfront, there are five species of palm trees, more precisely from two families of fans and feathers.

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