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First Escape Room Based on Zagreb’s Dark Past


Escape Room Enigmarium® presents a unique 5D experience in the first escape room game based on Zagreb’s turbulent history…


Get taken back in time to encounter the history of the city of Zagreb, a dark time when witches were feared and prosecuted.

You can uncover the real story about beautiful, innocent Barica Cindek, which inspired the famous writer M. J. Zagorka to write her cycle of novels about the Witch of Grič. Barica, because of her stunning beauty and business success, was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to burn at the stake. Her destiny is now in your hands! Can you find the passage to the 18th century and save her from the stake? Or will history be changed forever?


The game can be played by 2 to 5 players who are locked in an actual room. Then, in 60 minutes, they must discover and unlock secret items and clues to decipher the codes, discover the passwords, solve puzzles and riddles, think logically, work together and find the key to the exit door.

Escape Room has become popular all over the world and Enigmarium® is excellent for birthday presents or celebrations, for teambuilding activities and … if you wish to propose to the love of your life, they can even hide an engagement ring in the room.


Escape Room Enigmarium® has slots for guests everyday with the price for one session 60 EUR (450HRK). The price is the same regardless of the number of participants (min 2 and max 5).

For more details and how to book visit www.enigmarium.hr

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