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First Diffused Hotel Opens in Croatia


CroatiaTourism Minister Darko Lorencin has opened the first diffused hotel in Croatia on Thursday…

The opening of the ‘Ražnjevića dvori’ hotel in Polača near the Dalmatian town of Zadar is the first to be categorised under a new Ministry of Tourism categorization. Until now there were no ‘diffused’ hotels in Croatia, nor a Ministry category for them.

Diffused hotels are an innovative concept of hospitality, which were launched in Italy in the early 1980s as a means of reviving small, historic Italian villages and town centres off the usual tourist track. The “widespread hotel” or “virtual hotel”is conceived as a hotel that is not in a single block, but converted out of various historic buildings in a small community and is run directly by an individual owner and providing normal hotel services, have rooms distributed in existing converted buildings in historic centres, have a central reception area with cafe and food available, and is part of a genuine community so that guests can be part of local life.

The Ministry of Tourism says it has more request applications for diffused hotels, and also for smart hotels which could soon open in the capital Zagreb.

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