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First Croatian Coastal Town Gets Park & Ride

They have been extremely successful since their inception in the Croatian capital in May this year, now the public bike rent concept Park & Ride has made its way to the Adriatic coast.

(pic: Park & Ride – Zagreb)

Umag in Istria has become the first town on Croatia’s Adriatic coast to have the Park & Ride facility. Locals and tourists will be simply able to rent one fo the 93 bikes from 5 stations located around the town. Istraturist have invested close to 3 million euros into the project. “We have bought in Park & Ride because out mission is to create the total tourist experience, of which cycling-tourism is one, and which we have invested heavily in developing. We were the first to bring in tourist trains 40 years ago, and now we are the first for this,’ said Zeljko Kukurin from Istraturist, adding that they received some financial assistance from the Ministry of Tourism under the “Innovative Tourism Idea” project.

The bikes, which will cost between 2 and 15 euros to rent for either 40 minutes, 24 hours or 1 week, will mean that tourists will be able to make their way around the town easier, whilst encouraging recreational activity. Electric bikes are also available to rent.

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