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First Children’s Museum Opens in Croatia


CroatiaThe first Croatian Children’s Museum has opened in the city of Rijeka. Visitors to the new museum will be able to see more than 600 exhibits on display, mostly toys, including some from the late 19th century. The opening of the museum was initiated by Svetozar Nilović, who six years ago founded the first Croatian Informatics Museum – Peek & Poke also in Rijeka .

The new museum is located next to the Peek & Poke Museum with an area of ​​240 square meters covering two floors. Besides toys, scrapbooks, student booklets, yellow scarves once worn by first-graders , children’s books, comics and loads more interesting items connected to kids from days gone are on display.

Among the most attractive exhibits is a lego model of the Zagreb National Theatre building in scale 1:40 by Matija Pužar. The oldest item at the museum is a paper puzzle of the Ulm Cathedral from 1880, and among the oldest toys are stacking cubes by the company Richter from the early 20th century. The collection of exhibits for the museum began last year when people were invited to donate their toys from their childhood to the museum.

Photo: HRT

Photo: HRT

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