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Electronic toll collection to be implemented throughout Croatia

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ZAGREB, 25 November 2021 – Electronic toll collection (ETC) will be introduced throughout all of Croatia, Tomislav Mihotić, state secretary at Croatia’s Ministry of Transport confirmed in parliament today. 

Mihotić said there will eventually be no toll booths on the highway in Croatia and the intention is for the system to be unified in the entire European Union.

Presenting the amendments to the Roads Act, Mihotić stressed that their goal is to ensure free passage through all the places where toll booths are today.

“This means that vehicles will be registered in another way, by recording a vehicle registration camera and then the money will be removed from the ETC (Electronic toll collection) automatically, there will be no downtime, no additional pollution that occurs at these locations,” he said, adding that ultimately, the goal is to import the whole of Croatia and the EU into such a system.

The ETC will be introduced throughout the country, the funds will be distributed based on the registration of vehicles passing through a certain part of the highway, and as a percentage of that, the highway management will get their share, Mihotić explained.

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