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€160 Million to Help Small Business & Trades

CroatiaThe Croatian government on Thursday has presented its programme aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and trades in the country which they hope will kick-start the economy by getting more people into jobs…

A record amount from the state budget has been set aside for the ‘Business Impuls 2014’ programme, which sees 1.26 billion kuna (160 million EUR) dedicated to encouraging the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Croatia.

Business Impulse has four programme priorities this year.  413.8 million kuna (53 million EUR) will go to strengthen the competitiveness of small businesses, 74.6 million kuna (10 million EUR) to improve the entrepreneurial environment, 248.1 million kuna (32 million EUR) for the promotion and teaching of entrepreneurship and crafts, and 529.1 (70 million EUR) million kuna dedicated to making access to financing easier.

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