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DORF Festival of Music Documentaries to be Held on Cres Island


The popular festival of music documentaries (DORF) is starting on the Croatian island of Cres next week…

The 10th jubilee edition of DORF will take place at Ljetno kino (Summer cinema) on the island of Cres from 7th-9th July 2016. The festival will screen 18 films as well as the hold OFF DORF programme. DORF Festival has a busy summer ahead and the crew will show up at some of the major festivals on the coast and one in neighbouring Slovenia.

The honour of opening the 10th edition of DORF has gone to the BBC production Daft Punk: Unchained about the life and career of Daft Punk.

“We think that DAFT PUNK manage to connect the past and future of music in very rare and interesting way, keeping their faces hidden and their business moves showed us that they know how to maneuver and reach their final goal. Also, because we are sure that Summer cinema on the beautiful Cres island will be fantastic location to see this film. We are sure that you will enjoy the music and film about the life and career of a duo who is already now part of pop culture history,”DORF Festival organisers say.

Daft Punk film to open the festival

Daft Punk film to open the festival

The screening will be the Croatian premiere for Daft Punk: Unchained.

Every evening after the films are screened there will be music performances, with guests such as NT WAVE, DJ Smeđi Šećer and DJ Vuk. Ae well as the music, visitors will be able to attend a book promotion – ”Encyclopedia of ex-Yu duos” as well as fanzine exhibition.

DORF also caters for the youngest visitors and there will be a exhibition of comics and illustrations by two major comic artists – Dubravko Mataković and Krešimir Zimonić – as part of the EDIT programme.

Cres (photo: TZ Cres)

Cres (photo: TZ Cres)

Check out more about the festival and schedule on the official website

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