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Discover one of the most beautiful boutique wineries in Istria 

Kabola Winery in Istria

If you are traveling to Istria, Kabola Winery is an unavoidable stop. The  romantic stone house and view of the vineyards and olive trees will be even more beautiful with a glass of their premium rose 

No, you are not in Tuscany or Provence. You are on one of the most beautiful Istrian estates located between Buje and Momjan overlooking the sea, the Alps and the Dolomites. In the centre is a beautiful stone building, with vineyards, nature, and tranquility around it – the perfect place to detox, to recharge the batteries and escape from the city.


On the balcony and on the spacious stone courtyard, flowers, olive trees, and a large amphora, and the blue shutters on the windows – everything is harmonised, simple and unpretentious. 


The unique ambiance of this place attracted 2Cellos Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, who filmed the music video for Love theme from the cult movie Godfather there a few years ago.


Bold, innovative, different

Marino Markežić, one of the most famous Istrian winemakers, purchased the estate with the dilapidated stone house back in 2000. He  renovated it and opened the Kabola Winery five years later and today their wines are found in the most prestigious restaurants around the world.


Wine has been in the Markežić family tradition for three generations, since 1891, and is now appreciated by the most famous sommeliers, and with its soil, it reflects the courage and innovation of this Istrian winemaker, who was the first in Croatia to start producing wine from amphorae.


Malvazija Amfora is one of the most sought after Istrian wines, and with it in the cellar of the stone house, there are also Malvazija Istarska, Malvazija Unica, Muscat Momjan, the interesting sparkling wine RE, Teran, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cuvee Supremo, Teran Amfora and irresistible rose Rosa.



Rosa Kabola

In the wine world, rose is the first herald of spring, the perfect refreshment in the warmer part of the year and a great choice to enjoy the moment. The pronounced aroma with raspberry and wild strawberry notes and beautiful cherry colour, Rosa Kabola of the Teran variety, is a dry and soft wine of medium body, with a pleasant freshness and gentle tannins.

Kabola Rose

A harmonious, intense taste, a sense of Aronia on the after taste and goes great with an Istrian asparagus risotto which is a symbol of spring in Istria. 

Kabola Malvazija

More details about visiting Kabola can be found on their website – Kabola.hr

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