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Dinamo Zagreb’s BBB Clash With Slovenian Police

Dinamo Zagreb’s notorious fans the Bad Blue Boys (BBB) have clashed with Slovenian police after an incident during a friendly match between Dinamo Zagreb and Slovenian side Olimpija on Tuesday in Slovenia.

Despite the friendly pre-season match being closed to the public, around 80 BBB made the trip to Slovenia and turned up to watch the match from outside the stadium. Trouble kicked off when a group of Olimpija supporters turned up also. The BBB surged toward the opposing fans, who were separated by a fence, and that is when police intervened. Bottles were flying as a number of BBB were restrained by the large number of police who were present.

Dinamo Zagreb won the friendly 2:1, but coach Krunoslav Jurcic says the incident did not help.

“That incident distracted my players concentration. I am sorry, I don’t know what to say anymore. I would like that a nice cohesion between the players and fans could be created, that we become one. This is an ugly image of Dinamo and its fans and all of us together who took part in this match,” said Jurcic.

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