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Dalić dedicates bronze medal to Ćiro: ‘This is bronze with a gold shine’

Zlatko Dalić took over as Croatia coach just before the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Just over four years later he now has two medals – a silver and a bronze – from two World Cups.

An emotional Dalić spoke to HRT right after his side beat Morocco to claim 3rd place in Qatar. 

– This is bronze, but it has a golden sheen. We won a difficult match, but this is great, a medal for all of Croatia and our people, for all those who follow us, cheer for us and love us all over the world. Two championships, two medals, that is something fantastic. Big congratulations to the players. I would like to dedicate this victory to one man, Ćiro Blažević. Boss, this is for you, this is your medal, I can win five medals, but you are the coach of all coaches – said Dalić.

Dalić decided to surprise everyone when he named an attacking line-up for the match against Morocco, playing in a 3-5-2 formation, which turned out to be very effective. 

– Few expected four guys from the HNL to start the game, they gave their best, hats off, the players tried, gave their best, played for the result and it rewarded them. This bronze of ours is gold. To win bronze in this kind of competition in addition to all this. This is the right thing for our people and rarely anyone can do it in four years – he said, before adding.

– Today everyone who played were healthy and fit, we tried a different tactic. They have a lot of problems on the right side, Ziyech can’t follow Perišić and we used that. We made a mess of them, Oršić was great. We all did our best, everything was good. Our 7th game, a win and we’re going home. It is nice that we are returning home as winners, he concluded.

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