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Croats Not Twitters

Famous figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie Sheen and Rhianna love it and Pope Benedict XVI recently joined, gathering over 1.5 million followers in just a few months, but it seems Croats are not too bothered about the social network phenomenon Twitter.

Drap agency have on Tuesday released statistics on their official Facebook page revealing Croats lack of real interest in Twitter:

51,986 is the number of Twitter users in Croatia
14,743 are active monthly users
12,997 are business accounts
4,300 business accounts are active monthly

To put the statistics into perspective, when compared to New Zealand, a country which also has a similar sized population, there are 4 times less Twitter users in Croatia. New Zealand has over 200,000 Twitter users. Drap’s last research over a year ago revealed 19,000 Twitter users in Croatia.

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