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Croatia’s Secret Scottish Weapon

The name Marc Rochon won’t ring any bells with Croatian football fans, but the Scottish national has been playing a part behind the scenes in Croatia’s success in Russia.

Croatia’s video analyst, Scotsman Marc Rochon, has been following every detail of every training session and match from the stands. Rochon plays an important role during the match, sending short clips and important tactical details to assistant coach Drazen Ladic on the bench.

Ladic is mic’d up on the bench and passes on Rochon’s findings and reports to coach Zlatko Dalic.

Rochon was brought in by coach Zlatko Dalic when he took over the job to help with all the analysis ahead of the important final group match against Ukraine and then the playoff against Greece. He was then retained for the World Cup. Rochon has been involved in six matches, with Croatia yet to lose.

The Scotsman videos all training sessions analysing the opponents and takes his spot in the stand during the matches with a direct link to the bench. If for example the opposing coach changes tactical formation or a player is regularly finding himself out of position then Rochon is communicating this to the Dalic.

Rochon worked with Dalic for three and a half years at Al Ain FC during his successful stint in the United Arab Emirates and he requested Rochon be added to his staff.

“I’m not based in Croatia. I only come into the country for the preparations and matches, but when I’m there everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The language is very difficult but luckily most of the team and all the staff speak English. Croatia is a beautiful country and the food is delicious so it’s always a pleasure to go over. When I’m there you see the culture is a strong passionate people but they are also very considerate and well mannered in general, with everyone happy to help each other out,” Marc told Johno Groat Journal.

“My role is very much a support role for the coaches where I produce information so they can make the best and most informed decisions. The post-match sessions are used to highlight areas which we can improve and the players are very professional and take this on board and process it into better performances where required next time,” he concluded.

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