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Croatia’s Low HIV Statistics

From 1985, the year the first ever patient with HIV was registered in Croatia, until October 2012, there have been 1002 people infected in Croatia with the HIV virus, from which 365 have been diagnosed with AIDS.

In that 27 year period, 159 people have died of AIDS in Croatia. In the last 10 years there have been around 50-60 registered cases a year of those infected by HIV (76 in 2011). The annual incidence rate of HIV infection in the world is now between 12-17 per million inhabitants, which puts Croatia among the countries of very low prevalence of HIV infection, says Dr. Diana Nonkovic from the Institute of Public Health in the Split-Dalmatia County.

In the Dalmatian city of Split since 1985 there have been only 44 people diagnosed with AIDS, out of which 22 had died as a reult. Mostly were men between the age of 30-39.

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