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Croatia’s Highest Royalty Earning Singers

CroatiaSo who are the biggest earning music stars in Croatia? Well it is the old faces who continue to dominate the music scene, according to the latest report from the Croatian Composers’ Society (ZAMP), the organisation in the country charged with protecting author’s rights…

Foreign and domestic authors pocketed around 13 million euros from royalties for copyright in 2013, with stalwarts on the Croatian music scene Tonči Huljić, Massimo and Marko Perković Thompson dominating. ZAMP paid out a total of 104.6 million kuna (13.9 million euros) to artists in royalties last year.

“This year that amount was divided among around 100,000 authors, not just Croatian,” ZAMP’s Milan Majerović Stilinović told RTL.

The top earning Croatians are those who have been at the top of the list for a number of years, authors who do a lot of work for themselves as well as others, such as Ante Pecotić, Boris Đurđević, Husein Hasanefendić Hus, Miro Buljan, Zdenko Runjić, Zlatan Stipišić, Neno Belan, the Huljić’s and Nenad Ninčević.

Husein Hasanefendić Hus, with Parni valjak’s song ‘Samo da znaš’ was the most played song last year on the airwaves, followed by Natali Dizdar’s ‘Grijeh’ and Massimo’s hit ‘Suze nam stale na put’. The most performed tune was Neno Belan’s ‘Oceani ljubavi’, whilst Marko Perković Thompson’s njegov ‘Ora et labora’ was the highest earning album, followed by ‘Tišina mora’ from Oliver Dragojević and Severina’s ‘Dobrodošao u klub’.

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