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Croatia’s ‘Greenest’ City Revealed

CroatiaWeekRecent research suggests that parks and other green spaces in cities make people happier, so where is the ‘greenest’ city in Croatia?..

According to a study led by Mathew White, from the University of Exeter Medical School in the United Kingdom, the eastern city of Osijek has the honour of being the greenest in the country. The study , which was published recently in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, showed that Osijek, with 17 parks and the most amount of greenery, was the green capital of Croatia. Croatia’s capital Zagreb was close behind, with more than 30 small parks and 11.5 million square metres of greenery.

“Moving to greener urban areas was associated with sustained mental-health improvements, suggesting that environmental policies to increase urban green space may have sustainable public-health benefits,” the researchers said, adding that close to 80% of people in more developed regions of the world live in cities, which tend to have less natural, green spaces.

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