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Croatia’s First Ever Womanizing Court Case?

Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji list have reported about the bizarre story that may lead to Croatia’s first ever court case because of ‘womanizing’. The paper reports that a group of young women from the Dalmatian city of Split and its surrounding areas are ready to sue a 24-year-old Croatian ‘pick-up’ artist.

The girls claim that the ‘Casanova’ falsely presented himself by lying about his name and the fact that he owned a business just to get the women into bed. The move to take legal action against the operator was started by a young girl from Sibenik who says when she met the man in question he seemed quiet and honest.

“He said he was a sportsmen, that he has his own business and I believed him. I was suspicious that he did not have a Facebook profile, but I didn’t take that seriously. He said he wanted to have a relationship with me. I found out later that he already had a girlfriend and I was not the only one he done this to.

Jutarnji list tracked down the man in question, who was not taking the threats too seriously.

“You can write that I am the biggest seducer and that Croatia has become too small for me, so now I am going further on, hahaha. Maybe I can sue these girls for libel,” said the 24-year-old pick up merchant from Split.

Croatian police unofficially stated to the newspaper that falsely presenting yourself is only a crime when done during a business deal or similar situations. But, if the girls feel they have suffered physical hurt, they can sue him privately and claim damages.

If the girls take the matter to the courts it will be the first court case because of ‘womanising’ in Croatia.

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