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Croatia’s €865K EU Entry Party Expenses Revealed

The Croatian government has publically released exact details of how they spent 6.5 million kuna (865,000 euros) on party celebrations to welcome Croatia into the European Union recently.

No expenses were spared for the close to 1 million euro bash held in Zagreb on Sunday 30 June. The largest expense, almost half, were rental costs of tents and equipment needed to host the party. 150,000 kuna (20,000 euros) was spent on souvenirs for guests, 139,000 kuna (18,000 euros) went on food and drink, flags cost 17.100 kuna (2,400 euros), 138,700 kuna (18,000 euros) went on media and billboard advertising, and 2.35 million kuna (310,000 euros) was forked out for over 600 performers on the night.

Another large expense was the accommodation bill from 7 hotels in downtown Zagreb, which were used to put up the dignitaries during their stay in the Croatian capital. The government estimates that the total hotel bill will be 364,000 kuna (48,000 euros). The complete list of expenses (in Croatian) for the party can be seen here.

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