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Croatians Say ‘I Do’ Later

Croatia20,323 couples tied the knot in Croatia in 2012, up 0.6% from the year previous, whilst 5,659 couples were officially divorced, the Central Bureau of Statistics has announced on Thursday…

The most common age to get divorced in Croatia in 2012 was between 30 and 39, with 6% over the age of 60 divorcing in the year. The average length of marriage was 14.2 years before couples divorced, with the data showing that on average there were 15 divorces a day in the year. Breaking the statistics down into regions, the capital Zagreb was the leader with 1,472 couples divorcing, followed by the eastern county of Osijek-Baranja (548) and the Split-Dalmatia county (415).

Today’s data shows that Croatians are now entering marriage later and later. In 1989 the average age of those saying ‘I do’ was 23.1 for women and 26.7 for men, whilst in 2012 the average age for a bride was 27.7, and a groom 30.5.

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