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Croatian Tourist Board selects five international agencies for advertising activities in 2021

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ZAGREB, 22 January (Hina) – The Croatian Tourism Board (HTZ) on Friday selected five foreign marketing and PR agencies for advertising activities on ten markets, announcing that next month it would launch safety labels guaranteeing the safe stay of tourists in Croatia.

“For the 2021 season Croatia is sending a clear and strong message that the tourism sector in Croatia is responsible and that tourists are safe here,” the HTZ President and Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, said.

“It is encouraging that people are eager to travel and cite Croatia as a desirable destination. Today we have made important decisions that will significantly contribute to Croatia’s promotion across key international markets,” she added.

“We are aware of how important it is to adopt and implement clear and high-quality health and safety protocols. Therefore, in cooperation with the Croatian Institute of Public Health and professional associations, we have supplemented the safety label of the World Travel and Tourism Council with an additional national safety label Safe Stay in Croatia, whose application and promotion will begin in February”, Brnjac said.

HTZ Director Kristjan Staničić said that the selection of agencies was crucial for promotion and other activities across key international markets.

“We expect a strong contribution from the agencies and effective implementation of marketing and PR campaigns that will provide our country on the international market with the position of a safe, high-quality and well-prepared tourist destination that guarantees its guests a diverse offer and safe stay,” Staničić said.

The HTZ selected marketing agencies Real Group, MediaCom, Aviareps, Pro Media Group and Check-in PR for the development of an advertising strategy and media plan and the implementation of marketing activities on 10 markets. For PR activities on international markets, Aviareps was selected for media relations, while Hills Balfour was selected for the implementation of social media activities and online/digital communication.

The HTZ also confirmed decisions on advertising activities on social networks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google search engine, as well as a proposal for select strategic partners to conduct promotional campaigns across international markets. Thus, for 2021, cooperation with a total of 43 partners was approved, of which 32 are partners in the category of tour operators and agencies, and 11 partners from the category of carriers.

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