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Croatian Short Film in FIFA World Cup Project

FilmCroatian film and theatre director Bobo Jelčić will be directing one of 31 short films in the project Short Plays announcing the 20th FIFA World Cup in Brazil…

The Short Plays project is based on Mexican director Daniel Gruener’s idea that each country participating in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil should come with a short film on the theme of football.  Among authors participating in the project are renowned film directors like Gaspar Noé, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Vincent Gallo and Carlos Reygadas.

All participants have a few simple rules to follow: they must make a film about football, the film should last three to five minutes and be largely without dialogue. Bobo Jelčič’s piece is called Razmjena dresova (The Exchange of the Jerseys) starring Ivana Krizmanić and twenty non-professional actors, members of Pentravci Dilettante Theatre (Diletantsko kazalište Pentravci).

SHORT PLAYS / World Cup 2014 | teaser trailer from Adam Wakeling on Vimeo.

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