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Croatian School Kids Spend Night In Bus With No Food Or Water In Hungary

A group of school kids from Croatia returning from a trip to Budapest, were forced to spend the night on a bus without food or water after a major accident blocked the motorway in Hungary.

Two buses carrying the students from Zagreb were forced to spend 12 hours on the closed motorway and despite the tour organiser contacting the Croatian embassy in Budapest, no food or water bought to the students during the overnight wait, reports Vecernji list.

“I had no idea how my girls were all night. I contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but they only found out about the case at 6am when I called. How is it possible that nobody bought the kids food or drink?,” asked a shocked parent of two twin girls who were on the bus.

The tour operator says that the kids were safe al night and had heating in the bus but food and drink was not possible to deliver because of the traffic jam as the cars were bumper to bumper for miles.The kids were taken to a school nearby Budapest when they could move again. They will make their way back to Croatia today.

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