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Farewell to toll booths: New system to transform Croatian motorways

Toll booth on Croatian motorway

(Photo: Lan Glad/CC BY-SA 4.0)

In February this year, a new toll collection system for Croatian motorways was selected, which will make toll booths a thing of the past.

N1  asked Croatian Motorways (HAC) when we can expect changes on the motorway and what will be the biggest change for drivers.

“We are currently in the process of signing a contract with the selected consortium of SkyToll, a.s. Bratislava, Slovakia, and TollNet a.s., Prague, Czech Republic. After the contract is signed, the expected timeframe for project completion is two years from the introduction of the contractor,” HAC representatives told N1.

The main advantages of the new system compared to the current one, according to HAC, are as follows:

The new unified toll collection system will be used on all sections in Croatia.

The new electronic toll collection system is based on free-flow technology, eliminating the need for vehicles to stop for payment. This increases traffic flow and reduces harmful emissions caused by congestion and queues.

The use of ENC (Electronic Toll Collection) will be mandatory for heavy vehicles, while light vehicle users will have the option to choose between using the ENC device or a number plate recognition system.

Croatian motorways have secured 1.3 billion euros for the completion of the entire motorway to Dubrovnik

Croatian motorway

More than 85% of all tourists in Croatia travel by road, so the proposed solution is tailored for users who do not need to purchase an ENC device and will instead use number plate recognition for toll payment.

The new system is estimated to function efficiently (without major upgrades) for at least the next 15 years.

Complete digitalisation of the entire process.


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