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Croatian Organisation Stop Speciesism launches Center for Active Animal & Nature Protection


Organisation Stop Speciesism (Stop specizmu), after almost five years of activity in animal rights, has improved and expanded its area of activity and will now work both in theory in practice as the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection…

Stop speciesism, that is, the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection, will continue to have its headquarters in Zagreb, but will work on a wider aspect of activism.


For the last few months they have invested a lot of effort, time and work in the planning and organization in order to realize a long-standing wish and desire but also to launch a concrete idea which we think is more than necessary and useful.

The organisation believes that standing for animal rights and the protection of their rights only in theory is not enough.

“For years we have been working on educating about and promoting animal rights through theories and now it’s time to include a practical component. We believe it’s necessary for animals to have more safe places and homes where they will be free and able to live a peaceful life free from exploitation,” Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection founder and coordinator Mariana Vidmar told Croatia Week, before adding.

“We also believe that we need more educational and primary (field) researches (studies) which will provide us with specific information and better insight into the lives and habits of other animals so that we can better understand and thus respect their needs, and convey our theoretical and practical knowledge to current and future generations with the goal of creating a new social paradigm and community which recognizes the rights of animals and the importance of their protection and the protection and conservation of the environment and a sustainable life and development. In the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection, our theories about animal’s rights to lead a life free of exploitation, with a peaceful coexistence between humans and other animal species come to practice.”


Due to the lack of human coexistence with other species, the Centre believes our separation from nature, and the lack of information and understanding, from an early age we are socially conditioned to believe that other species and nature are just resources for our use.

“In the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection we think and live on a different principle. We work, live and educate on the principles of equality, freedom, justice, non-violence, and mutual respect and protection between humans, non-humans and nature,” said Vidmar.

“When working directly with animals, taking care of the protection and implementation of their rights, spending more time in nature and working on the protection and restoration of the environment and natural habitats of animals, we begin to observe and experience other living beings and the world around us differently.”

Through the website Stop specizmu (www.stop-specizmu.org) and the Facebook page Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection (www.facebook.com/czzzp), you can be informed about the progress of the Center and provide more information about the objectives, vision and the mission of the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection.

The Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection primarily works as an educational-research center which will conduct a variety of desk and field research methods, as well as observation of animals in the natural habitat, with a strong emphasis on an undisturbed observation that won’t in any way affect their natural way of life, their habits and natural needs.


In collaboration with the experts, the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection will also conduct various social, scientific and pragmatic researches which will give us first-hand answers to questions about the effective protection and implementation of animal rights, about the protection and conservation of the environment and sustainable development and a better understanding of other animal species with whom we are surrounded.
“Taking into account various scientific, social, environmental and economic factors, we want to get concrete and relevant information about the current state of protection and implementation of animal rights, and effective ways of implementing their protection now and in the future,” Vidmar explained.

The Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection is also a place where all their theories about the protection of animal rights and nature, and a peaceful co-existence of man, other animals and nature are applied in practice. Because a different world is possible – and it’s not just a theory.

Everyone interested in their work will be able to contribute and/or volunteer in the Center.

This includes everyone interested in learning more about other animal species, working on the preservation and conservation of the environment, conducting desk or field methods of research or participating in the work of the Center in some other way.

In collaboration with the veterinary experts, the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection will provide a safe place for recovery and rehabilitation, appropriate veterinary care, and a temporary or permanent home for injured or abandoned animals. The Center will promote adoption of animals and the very important segment of personal commitment to the protection and direct activism for abandoned, injured or otherwise endangered animals.

The Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection is located on a private estate near Zagreb, near a forest, river, and a protected area for animals, and extends to almost 1 hectare of land.

“This location was also chosen because we wanted to implement a very important ecological and sustainable aspect in the Center. In the process of construction and planning of all facilities at the Centre, we have consulted with specialists in the area of environmental sciences in order to build the Center on the principles of ecology and sustainability. This includes renewable energy, free flow of water, and an ecological and non-violent land renewal.

The aim of the Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection is to create an environmentally sustainable institution and community, which focuses on recycling and the use of renewable materials and prevents
environmental pollution,” concluded Vidmar.

The Center will continue to have its headquarters in Zagreb and also operate in the Zagreb county.

The Center for Active Animal and Nature Protection is currently still in the process of construction and renewal. The completion and official start of the Center is scheduled for April 2016.

Till then, you can follow them via the new Facebook site of the Center: www.facebook.com/czzzp

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